Cape Cod Cottage Rentals

Located at the eastern most region of Massachusetts, Cape Cod peninsula is in the shape of an arm. The city is truly a notable touristic site that welcomes a large number of tourists every year for of its long stretches of sandy beaches and abundant natural attractions.

Cape Cod also has many art galleries and historic sites as well. In order to accommodate such a vast number of visitors, many new luxurious hotels and cottages have come up. Such cottages are famous amongst people who love the concept of bed and breakfast and beachfront rentals.

Accommodations range from motels to grand spa resorts to small cottages. Chatham, Provincetown and Hyannis have some popular resorts and holiday cottages. Many cottages are seasonal and are mostly open from April to October during the summer season. Rental rates rises sharply during these months and also during festivals.

Wellfleet oceanfront cottage rentals have some of the finest rentals along with private beach access. One such cottage is located in the National Seashore and priced between $3,000- 5,500 per week. It has 3 bedrooms and contains space for 6 people to sleep. The cottage has an upper deck from which the panoramic view of the vast ocean can be enjoyed. Along with it, the cottage has a spacious indoor, with an open kitchen & living area upstairs.

There are also plenty of pet-friendly and self-catering rental cottages available in Cape Cod at very affordable prices. The town of Brewster, Wellfleet and Harwich has some of the finest pet-friendly cottages. Typical rentals go for $1450 weekly with 4 bedrooms (sleeps) and 1 full bathroom. This Cape Code cottage has access to Bucks Pond situated about ½ a mile down the road. A fully equipped kitchen along with a wide front deck!


Cape Cod Museum of Natural History comes under the must-visit list of the city. This small indoor museum has well maintained trails that is taken care by many dedicated & helpful volunteers. Museum display includes exhibits of animals and plants found in Cape Cod. Many other exhibits shed knowledge on both historic and aquatic life forms present in the oceans surrounding the city. Spread across 80 acres, the museum has bird watching facility, an open-top aquarium tank with various fascinating creatures & shells and finally a tidal pool.

Another famous museum is the Cape Cod Museum of Art located in Dennis. It has a popular museum shop, a research library and a garden full of amazing sculpture. There are 7 galleries for the purpose of exhibition of arts. These galleries conduct classes and treasure hunts events for kids.

Located in the small town of Sandwich, Heritage Museum & Gardens is yet another beautiful place to visit. It comprises of 3 galleries featuring American Folk art, a Vintage carousel and finally an automobiles & travelling exhibition. The museum also contains 100 acres of well-maintained gardens that showcases rhodoendrons and azaleas in the background of an old windmill built during the 1800s in Orleans. The vast area of garden also includes more than a thousand varieties of trees, flowers and shrubs.

Sports and Outdoor

Cape Cod is a land full of promises. The city is filled with many energetic people and sport enthusiasts. The city offers a number of sports and leisure activities such as golfing, bicycling, water sports, hiking, tennis etc.

Cape Cod has 27 public golf courses and 15 private facilities which are strategically designed for all levels of play. Nicklaus Design golf course has an $8.5 million design layout that is open exclusively for members of Ocean Edge club and resort guests. The facility has an indoor bar & dining room in the clubhouse overlooking the 18th hole.

Bicycling in Cape Cod is followed by many locals as a routine activity to keep their mind and body fit. The city provides many trails and paths that are for bicycling, jogging etc. One such trail is the Cape Cod Rail Trail that connects Dennis and Wellfleet in a 22 mile road trip.

Bike rentals are available in many places along the trail where cyclists can get their necessary equipment. The route takes them on a paved road through some beautiful hills. Cape Cod Canal is a 13.5 mile road that runs parallel and on both sides of the canal. The road is a paved service road and is used not only for bicycling, but also for jogging, walking and skating.

The diverse terrain of Cape Cod which includes beaches, Wood land and Ponds presents tourists with plenty of Cape Code hiking trails. Some good ones are Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod Canal and Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary.

Cape Cod Canal involves a 13.5 mile trip from sandwich to Buzzards Bay. The path gives an opportunity to sight few varieties of shore and sea birds. This canal functions as a passage for large marine vessels and sailboats. The Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary is a 1,110 acres facility that combines a wide range of geography such as beaches, pine woodland, salt marshes and freshwater ponds. The sanctuary is also a thriving place for birds as evident from the fact that more than 250 species have been sighted here.


Most of the towns in Cape Cod have harbors with fishing boat rental services. Nantucket sound is one of the best areas on the East coast. A 45 minute cruise takes you to the deep sea for some bottom fishing. The ocean street dock gets visitors from various parts of country who come to try their luck on fetching fishes like scup, sea bass and tautog that are found in these waters.

Flyer’s has the largest fleet of ships available for rent on the Cape Cod harbors. In the Provincetown Harbor, Flyer’s boat rental offers boats where the duration of hiring can range from a few hours’ time to an entire season. Boats of many sizes and lengths are available.

Apart from fishing, Cape Cod is very popular for its Cape Cod Whale Watching excursions that take tourists far into the ocean. Hyannis ‘Whale Watcher’ Cruiser provides one of the finest Whale watching experiences in the world. This jet powered vessel carries tourists to the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary; waters that are ranked one amongst world’s top 10 Whale watching destinations. Humpback, Minke and Finback whales are spotted along with some other dolphin species.